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While My Guitar Gently Beats

Sorry for the missing weeks, fellow explorers – I’ve started some new work, and haven’t had as much free time to post to the blog. Here’s a little something to make it up to you – people beating and banging on perfectly good guitars:

Erik Mongrain performs “Percusienfa” in this video, and you can find several more performances by him on YouTube.

Andy McKee performs his original piece “Drifting” in this great video. You can also hear him do an amazing cover of Toto’s “Africa” and see him play a harp guitar, while you’re there. (Find out more about Andy at Candyrat Records.)


Playing between the lines

In microtonal music, the spaces between the notes in our traditional 12-tone western music scale are explored to create new harmonies and voicings. You can think of them, like American composer Charles Ives did, as the notes in the cracks between the piano keys.

I’ve been wanting to really dig into microtonal music in some upcoming posts to Parts Unknown, but after a quick Google search to read up on the subject, I came upon this picture of a 62 tone guitar neck, courtesy of the Microtonal Guitar Gallery:

It’s like a map to another world, or the guitar equivalent of alien crop circles. I’ve been too hypnotized by it to look much further.

More to come, if I can tear myself away from it. Stay tuned!

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