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The most unusual Prince cover I could find.

So, I’ve spent the last couple of days listening to a lot of Prince and trying to find unusual performances of Prince covers.

This is the best I could muster up, and it’s very charming: “When You Were Mine,” performed on a 3-string baritone Appalachian dulcimer.

(If you know of any other unusually performed Prince covers, please share them!)


Parties weren’t meant to last.


The voice of the Ukraine

The Bandura is a Ukranian instrument that is shaped like a guitar or lute, plays like a harp, and has between 20 – 65 strings, which on some models can be quickly retuned with levers. tells us it is “the voice of Ukraine. It is unique to the culture of Ukraine and so its history is closely tied to the turbulent history of the Ukrainian people.”

Here is virtuoso bandurist Julian Kytasty playing a piece that his grandfather’s brother composed for this wonderful instrument:

And here he is explaining the ways the instrument was played, and getting a little bit silly:

Music that really should come with a warning label

The wonderful webseries This Exists opens the Pandora’s Box that is Danger Music – musical performances that are intended to put the safety of the audience and performers into peril.

If you’re looking for me, I’ll be crouched behind this concrete wall over here…