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Listen to the music in your genes

UCLA microbiologists have found a unique way to compose music – by mapping tones and rhythm to genetic sequences.

This Science Daily article explains:

In the music, individual amino acids are expressed as chords, and similar amino acids are paired. For example, the amino acids tyrosine and phenylalanine are both assigned a G major chord, but they can be distinguished because the notes in the chord are arranged differently. The music has a 20-note range spanning over two octaves, but with just 13 base notes.

The end result is an aural representation of the genetic sequence, which can be used as a teaching tool in molecular biology. The music is converted into MIDI files so that anyone can listen online. You can even submit any genetic sequences you may have lying around the house and have them instantly converted into music.

You can listen to the music samples here. My personal favorite is the brisk, playful melody Carp Cytochrome C.