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It’s the Linsey Pollak Game!

I was sitting at my dining room table loading up YouTube videos to listen to whilst painting some D&D miniatures – you know, like I do – and I saw that Linsey Pollak had a new Live & Loopy video posted. So I cued it up to enjoy some of his wonderful jazzy improv whilst painting some dire sewer rats. Each time I took a moment to glance at the screen, I was surprised by what he was playing each part on (even though I really shouldn’t have been).

And thus was born THE LINSEY POLLAK GAME! ┬áHere’s how you play:

  1. Cue up one of the following videos, but don’t look at the screen (cover it with paper or just look away or something).
  2. When you hear a new instrument being played, try to guess what Linsey is playing it on. (Vocalizations don’t count. I mean, come on.)
  3. Look at the video to see if you’re right.

Good luck! Try to beat my high score of 1!


Music to hunt for eggs to

It’s Easter where I come from, and that means bunnies. And bunnies mean carrots. And carrots mean I get to post a video from the brilliant Linsey Pollak, who demonstrates how to make a carrot clarinet:

And here is Linsey pairing the carrot clarinet with “Mr. Curly,” a contra bass clarinet made from narrow bore garden hose:

Happy Easter, everyone!