Greg Patillo is either a flautist who beatboxes while flauting – or a beatboxer who flauts while beatboxing. Or maybe he’s a beatflautist… or a flautboxer?

Either way you slice it, Mr. Patillo is surely the master of his medium. Just watching some of his YouTube videos is enough to make one lightheaded.

As with any groundbreaking music technique, he applies it to its most logical purpose: playing the Super Mario theme. He also does the Sesame Street and Inspector Gadget themes, as well as a bunch of others in the links below.

Sadly, there’s no Aqualung to be found, however…

More links: Hard Knock Life | Peter and the Wolf | Beatboxing Flute and Cello | YouTube: Greg Patillo videos

About fossilapostle

Bill is an artist, musician, writer, and performer living in central Delaware.

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